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Are You Looking for Authentic Georgian Food in Tbilisi?

Are You Looking for Authentic Georgian Food in Tbilisi?

There is one thing you can always find while in Georgia – its unique and astonishing cuisine. Although amazing Georgian food is everywhere here, searching for the best experience can be a hustle. Here is our list of the best restaurants with local cuisine where you can taste the authentic flavour of Georgia.

1. Keto & Kote

Are You Looking for Authentic Georgian Food in Tbilisi?
Keto & Kote / Photo Credit: David Kapanadze

A recently opened Georgian restaurant in Vera, an older area of Tbilisi, is a bit difficult to find. you need or google maps or a friend, who has already been here. The house has been transformed into a large restaurant featuring old Georgian balconies, corbels, wooden spaces architecturally with the interior a mix of modern sensibilities. The restaurant has large courtyard from where you can enjoy a wide, panoramic view of Tbilisi.

Well, the food is amazing here! The chef has a Megrelian surname, so please,  Don’t leave “Keto & Kote” without trying Gebjalia & Elarji. They are traditional dishes from the Western Georgian region of Samegrelo, which is where the chef’s family is from. The restaurant also offers a wide diversity of local and foreign wines and homemade lemonades with berries.

The restaurant is very popular and among the very best that Tbilisi has to offer. Calling ahead for a reservation is suggested as it’s often packed with what dinner guests.

2. Schuchmann wine bar & restaurant

Are You Looking for Authentic Georgian Food in Tbilisi?
Schuchmann Wine Bar / Photo Source: Schuchmann Wine Bar Facebook Page

Mukuzani, Saperavi, Alaznis Veli, Kindzmarauli, Rkatsiteli, and Saperavi Rose; these are only a view names out of the large list of Georgian and European wines you can try at Schuchmann Wine Bar & Restaurant. It is popular for its warm, friendly atmosphere and handmade, authentic Georgian design.

Schuchmann’s servers are not only waiters but also very experienced sommeliers and know everything about their wine. Wine tasting starts from 10 USD, including a Georgian cheese mix, walnuts, bread, and water. Qvevri wine sampling is a bit more and starts from 15 USD.

Each dish is well seasoned and very flavorful. We highly recommend the Schuchmann Chakhapuli (veal rolls with mashed potato and special sauce) which is worth every bite. The chanakhi (lamb, eggplant, tomato sauce) is very unique as well. Compared to other Georgian traditional restaurants, Schumann’s meat is cooked under vacuum using the sauce vide technique involving cooking food in pouches, submerged in a water bath held at a  precisely controlled temperature.

For classical music lovers every Friday and Saturday at 8 o’clock Schumann’s offers violin performances and is the best place for business or family meetings and tourist groups. Chef will sometimes leave the kitchen and gives them master class in cooking, right in the middle of the restaurant!

3. tabla

Are You Looking for Authentic Georgian Food in Tbilisi?
Tabla / Photo Source: Tabla Facebook Page

Even though prices here are a bit higher than average, Tabla is a great place to visit. If you are looking for a traditional Georgian atmosphere and delicious Georgian food – everything here is top-notch. The menu is quite big with spot-on service, polite staff, and pleasant atmosphere. Tabla is located in a very center of Tbilisi, and it’s easy to get there. You can also order online.

4. Tashre

Are You Looking for Authentic Georgian Food in Tbilisi?
Tashre / Photo Source:Tashre Facebook Page

Many restaurants in Georgia serve national food without focusing on the regional peculiarities. People from Tashre do know their region well! Best dishes from Samegrelo are prepared with dedication of a Megrelian mother, but at the same time they are served in a very classy way. You won’t find some dishes in the other restaurant. Kveri, the pancakes with cheese inside, are prepared just in Megrelian families. Or ask for phuchkholia in any random restaurant – will they tell you at least, what it is?

Go to Tashre to eat rare dishes, which are delicious, that’s it!

After a big dinner, try to save a place for traditional grape pudding pelamushi and coffee brewed on sand.


5. rachis ubani

Are You Looking for Authentic Georgian Food in Tbilisi?
Rachis Ubani / Photo Source: Rachis Ubani Facebook Page

Located close to the Georgian Ethnographic Museum, the architecture of this restaurant maintains the museum’s heritage in it’s old Georgian style. People come to Rachis Ubani to enjoy their beautiful panoramic view from their balcony covered with grapevines. Their food is mainly traditional Georgian fair, really delicious, with a quiet affordable prices. For dessert, the walnut jam is a must-try.

6. Maspindzelo

Are You Looking for Authentic Georgian Food in Tbilisi?
Maspindzelo / Photo Source: restornebi.com

“Maspindzelo” means “host” in Georgian, and the atmosphere there is really hospitable! Maspindzelo is almost always full: it’s the best evidence, that the right balance between cuisine, prices, location and atmosphere has been found here. One can have a nice lunch or dinner, and enjoy the best of Georgian food. Draft wine is also good there!

Experience the real atmosphere of Georgian restaurant, try all the best things of the national food (the choice is very good there; don’t limit yourself with basics like khinkali or lobio only!) and have a nice evening!

P.S. If the violinist understands, where are you from, he’s trying to play some national song of your country!


7. Tsiskvili

Are You Looking for Authentic Georgian Food in Tbilisi?
Tsiskvili / Photo Source: Tsiskvili.ge

The Georgians love their traditions and culture, whatever happens. That’s why they come to this restaurant: mouth-watering traditional dishes, typical decorations, fascinating traditional songs and dances almost every evening – it all makes them feel proud. Before enjoying the descent Georgian food, you can also learn how to make bread and traditional energy bar – churchkhela. But in order to do this you have to contact the administration in advance. The restaurant has a huge yard, so it’s also good for families with children and big gatherings. Try to ride a little tram!

P.S. The view over the river and a waterfall is another +1 to above mentioned reasons to visit


8. pub kolkheti

Are You Looking for Authentic Georgian Food in Tbilisi?
Pub Kolkheti / Photo Source: kolkheti.com

Even the locals don’t know that khinkali with barberry and minced meat can be found here. Pub Kolkheti’s menu offers traditional as well as european cuisines that are surprisingly diverse. Western dishes come with Georgian interpretations just as the interior is not aimed to give catchy imagery or luxurious feeling. Kolkheti’s aim is to provide an authentic Georgian experience and atmosphere.

9. Pasanauri meidanze

Are You Looking for Authentic Georgian Food in Tbilisi?
Pasanauri on Meidani / Photo Source: info-tbilisi.com

Right in the middle of old town. Pasanauri Meidanze serves different  types of khinkali (a traditional dumpling) 24 hours a day. You can choose between a traditional khinkali with or without herbs, Mokheuriwith cumin. Price per dumpling starts from 30 cents. Vegetarian options are available with mushrooms or potatoes. Pasanauri offers popular cold dishes like eggplant and walnuts, salads, and traditional soups likeChikhirtma. They also serve Tatarakhi, a Georgian soup and folk hangover remedy, which you won’t find in most Georgian restaurants, made from beef broth and garlic.

They also offer a party dish, Pasanauri, which serves four people. For 30 USD you will be able to taste broiled veal, pork and chicken; along with quail and kupati (a Georgian pork sausage). We also highly recommend their veal ribs served on a clay skillet with ajika. Vegetarians should try their fried eggplant with roasted tomatoes.

The restaurant’s design has a very traditional Georgian look in keeping with the surrounding styles of Tbilisi’s Old Town.

As you wait for your order, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Metekhi Church and the equestrian statue of King Vakhtang Gorgasali which overlooks the Mtkvari River.

10. Zaxar Zakharichi

Are You Looking for Authentic Georgian Food in Tbilisi?
Zaxar Zakharichi in Tbilisi / Photo Source: restornebi.com

It’s all about food: it’s really delicious here, the menu offers a lot of national specialties, and the interior is very Georgian as well. Location is also important: Dry Bridge is a famous place, so it’s easy to get there before, after or for good drinking and/or dinner.

There are a lot of places offering national food, but here you can try almost everything from different regions of Georgia, and the prices are very reasonable. Draft wine is cheap and good, and if you are into something stronger, you can drink chacha, and accompany it with variety of salads, meat and pastry.


Source: Georgia Starts Here