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Tamar Babilua
Breaking Record/ Photo Zura Balanchivadze

Longest Playing Piano: National Record By Georgian Pianist

Pianist Tamar Babilua broke a new national record by non-stop playing piano for 25 hours. The process has been supervised by Georgian Records’ Federation.

Last year Babilua was diagnosed her with stage 3 cancer and it also should be noted that playing piano for such a long period of time takes a lot of energy, which puts the musician’s health under quite a considerable risk.

The marathon took place at the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia. The marathon begun on March 28, at noon and finished today, at 13:00.

Tamar Babilua performed approximately 500 compositions, including her own songs.

Babilua started playing piano when she was 3 years old. She is the winner of various local as well as international competitions. She is also a songwriter, writes music for movies and collaborates with various other performers, as well as recording studios.