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Live Art Works at New Space Tbilisi Gate Gallery

Since January, another Tbilisi-based gallery has opened called ”Tbilisi Gate Gallery” on Baratashvili 7. What makes it distinguished is that one can attend Live Art, participate in working process and purchase it right away. The authors of the idea are 3 artist friend: Beka Svirava, Irakli Kunchulia and Irakli Chikovani, who search and create new style and colors on canvas. Marketer had an interview with Beka Svirava.

Based on what experience did you open Tbilisi Gare Gallery and how did you realize it was the space people needed?

All of us have graduated Tbilisi State Art Academy. We kept working together after graduation at the ground floor of one of the restaurant. People would enjoy watching the process, live art and we decided to create the space that allows guests be involved in it.

What were the stages of implementation?

We were give an appropriate space. We did everything by ourselves there, cleaned from the garbage, re-painted black walls into colorful and simply brought the light in this room.

What does this space offer to guests?

We are in the process of working while people take a look of the exhibition and they can buy a work created on site. Besides, we have an open air cafe, bar, tea house and separate exhibition space, that will be for artists, sculpture makers, etc. who would like to rent and represent their works. We only exhibit our pieces so far.

We would like to add contemporary artists paintings at our gallery and make it a museum. Although, this is long-term perspective, now we are trying to create convenient environment as fort artists, as well as amateurs.