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Liberty Continues to Support Socially Vulnerable Students

According to the collaboration between Liberty and “Kings Georgia”, socially vulnurable students will participate in the educational Olympiads organized by “Kings Georgia” for free.

On March 24th, King’s season was opened with the English language Olympiad tour and was held in 22 cities across the country. In the first round 14 432 pupils participated. On April 7, 9 543 pupils will participate in the second round. In May the subject Olympiads will be held in Georgian language and mathematics.

“We are glad to be involved in another educational project and our support is to provide socially vulnerable students the opportunity to participate in the subjective Olympiads. We have been in many projects in the field of education support and we are trying to make our contribution to the upbringing of future generations. “Said Levan Tkhelidze, deputy director general of the company.

“Kings is actively working on various educational projects and the development of the next generation and their motivation. Educated people is the key to the country’s success.

That is why, involvement and support of such educational projects is each of the organization’s social responsibility. We would like to thank Liberty for support, which allows the vulnerable pupils participate in the Olympiads. ‘- said Sesili Gelovani, head of Kings Administration.

The students willing to get sponsored should apply to the King’s Administration 032 2 306131 / www.kings.ge.