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LDA Model United Nations Kicks off in Tbilisi

LDA Model United Nations will take place in Georgia, this year as a part of special conferences from around the globe.

MUNPlanet: In case anyone missed it, please introduce yourself and your conference to our community.

Leadership Development Association is a global, non-political, independent, non- profitable organization, run by young professionals. Its members are interested in world issues, leadership, entrepreneurship, professional growth and in many management areas. LDA does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, creed, religion, nationality, ethnic or social origin. The main product of LDA is Global Exchange Program (GEP) through which, young people can develop personal and professional skills by working within an international environment. Beside this, Leadership Development Association is delivering conferences and other events. Organization has vision of helping young individuals realize their potential and our main mission is to help young individuals develop their personal and professional skills through working within international environment.

LDAMUN is the first global conference of Leadership Development Association and the first big touch to our potential customers. This year conference will be held in Tbilisi, Georgia, where headquarters of Leadership Development Association is located. The first edition of LDAMUN will host over 150 Delegates and over 15 members of secretariat. Conference will also host ambassadors of LDA network from more than 20 countries. In addition to that, delegates of LDAMUN 2017 will have a chance to get hired in any body (International, National or Local) of Leadership Development Association in case of performing well and being seen and chosen as a suitable candidate.


MUNPlanet: How did you come up with the idea to organize an MUN? What inspired this decision?

MUN conferences are expanded and highly demanded type of conference all over the world. Because of our international relations and ability, we decided to deliver this kind of conference and reach as many international participants as possible. Main purpose of our organization is multicultural environment, therefore, our main goal during this conference is to create universal surrounding for the both, international and domestic delegates. What increases our chances to reach this goal is the fact that Georgia is on the crossroad of Europe and Asia and it’s originally extremely multinational.

MUNPlanet: LDA is almost a year old now. What has been accomplished so far?

We already have ambassadors in more than 20 countries worldwide. They are now finalizing their official registration as associated members of our organization in their countries. Most of them have already started working on projects and from May 2017, Leadership Development Association will start publishing its first internship opportunities. We are glad to announce, that we have truly motivated ambassadors whom we can rely on.

MUNPlanet: This will be the 1st edition of LDAMUN. What are your ultimate goals?

What do you hope to accomplish through this conference? Our ultimate goal is to create global, multi-cultural environment during the conference. It is also well known, that an action is the best promotion, that’s why our main goal is to deliver conference, which will keep delegates pleased and LDA will be remembered as one of the absolutely qualified organizations.

MUNPlanet: Organizing an MUN is not an easy task. It’s admirable that the 1st edition of LDAMUN has five committees. What were some obstacles that you had to overcome? Do you have any tips for our aspiring organizers?

Not only MUN, but organizing any kind of conference has its difficulties. Maybe it’s the first edition of conference, but at the same time, staff of LDA international has a huge practice in organizing different types of conferences and overcoming truly difficult tasks. Moreover, we have significantly experienced Secretary General who has already formed a team of secretariat which seems to be one of the major reasons of LDAMUN 2017 success.

MUNPlanet: You are in the process of recruiting chairs for LDAMUN. What would you say are the most critical traits of a good chair?

The key points of a good Chair are leadership skills and sense of responsibility. If a person has a lack of those skills, it would be really difficult for one to become a successful chair.

MUNPlanet: Tbilisi is a city with a long, and rich history, tradition and culture. What are some things that everyone should see and experience while there?

Tbilisi is the mix of cultures which makes this city astonishing. People with different beliefs, traditions and cultures live in harmony and friendship and only in Tbilisi you can see mosque, orthodox church and synagogue close to each other built on one street. We try to defend old districts and they are breathtaking. For example, old buildings in Sololaki district and in Abanotubani district should be seen for sure. The most incredible about Abanotubani district is the waterfall in its center. Another place to visit is Narikala Fortress. View on whole Tbilisi from there is amazing. In case of being interested in museums, visiting National Museum is highly recommended. unbelievable frescos, old statues and jewelry can be seen there. Last but not least, if you are visiting Georgia for the first time, Khinkali is what must to be tasted.

MUNPlanet: Social events are all the rage at MUNs. What do you have planned for your participants?

Social life is vital in our case. After hard work everyone deserves to relax, so for this occasion LDA MUN Team has organized 2 events. The first will be on July 7th (Gala Night) and the second will be on July 9th (House Party). Besides, two city (Old Tbilisi and ancient city, Mtskheta) tours are already planned. All the further details will be left for one’s imagination.

MUNPlanet: What is one thought you would like your participants to leave the conference with?

We would like to hear that they are satisfied with the conference and have found it useful for their future life (beside the fact that everyone have met some interesting people for themselves). Furthermore, it would be honor for the whole LDA MUN Team to know that Tbilisi has left a truly mesmerizing impression on the delegates.


The article was originally published on MUNPlanet