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Kuun De Beer: We Wanted Georgia to Be Part of a World Tour

Famous and beloved British super star James Blunt will visit Georgia within the world tour. The festival will be held on May 26, on Independence Day, at Mikheil Meskhi (Locomotive) stadium.

Singer and composer will perform songs from his latest album “Afterlove”. The event is organized by New International Promotion Company Black Pearl Live.

About the details of the British superstrar’s concert and the future plans of the new promotion company Black Pearl Live is talking the company’s managing director, Kuun De Beer:

  1. It is known that Black Pearl Live is founded in Georgia, tell us about this …

An international promoting company Black Pearl Live, which cooperates with the world’s leading performers, is based in Georgia. Consequently, he will pay taxes under the country’s legislation and will continue to operate in Georgia. At the same time, the main purpose of his business is to create and ensure the festivals of current international standards, concerts and events.

  1. The company has quite ambitious goals in the Georgian market, particularly?

The company has truly ambitious goals in the Georgian market, but these goals are not groundless. Black Pearl Live plans to turn Georgia into a host country of the world’s cultural events. But everything depends on how things will develop, how we work today to achieve success in the future.

  1. how are you going to accomplish these goals?

We want to establish our company as an international player and show that productions in Georgia can be on the same level as any high-profile show worldwide. That is why the James Blunt Afterlove world tour is so important for us we want to show other artist that Georgia deserves to be part of every world tour.

  1. Why did you decide to operate in Georgia?

Because we have the capabilities to arrange world class events and our research showed there is a opportunity in Georgia.

  1. Why the name „Black pearl live“?

The team was in Batumi in summer for market research and a Georgian said Batumi is the pearl of the Black sea. This was very relevant for us because we saw the whole of Georgia as a Pearl full off opportunity. The Live part is because of Live entertainment.

  1. Why the first James Blunt and why May 26th

James Blunt is the first international star who will sing on May 26 at the Mikheil Meskhi Stadium. This show is part of his world tour – Afterlove and a fifth studio album presentation that was created after the multi-platinum album “Moon Landing”. James Blunt is a multi-platinum album selling world super star. He also has a very big and diverse fan base which makes it a great show for a huge age range. We wanted Georgia to be part of a world tour.

  1. So, on May 26 we can expect a wonderful show…

Of course, fans can expect all their favorite hits, including his last single, “Love Me Better”. It is important that fantastic local singers and special guests from South Africa will participate with him. Invited group – The Parlotones – Rock Band from Johannesburg (South Africa), which will perform songs created on love and life motifs. The event will be hosted by energetic and strong rock groups Young Georgian Lolitaz and Loudspeakers. Young Georgian Lolitaz – This is the first band of men, which was presented on Eurovision from Georgia, and the Loudspeakers is a famous Georgian rock band, which gained immense popularity with the Tbilisi Altervision Music Festival. We want to join this event with this festival and believe that this is a wonderful way to celebrate Independence Day of Georgia, everyone is invited to attend this holiday.

  1. Were you familiar with Georgian market and did you know that James Blunt has fans in Georgia?

We do intensive market research before booking any artist and statistics revealed that James Blunt is a very reputable performer according to the statistics

  1. What will you say about competition? How are you going to fight with competitors (this will be a ticket price, artist or …)

we don’t focus on competition we just service the market. We don’t see them as competition rather as partners serving the Georgian music industry

  1. Who will be next?

Of course it is a secret, so you will have to wait and you’ll see that expectations will be justified.

  1. Tell us a little about your plans

We have already been approached by a few agents wanting to send more top class talent. Currently our focus is on the James Blunt show..