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Kutaisi University Campus Construction to Launch in April, 2017

Kutaisi University Campus construction works will start in April, 2017. According to Kartu group, which implements the project, at this stage,  construction preparation takes place . More precisely, soil and channel are being rehabilitated.

Concerning study process at the University, Vakho Tsagareli explains that German partners are involved in creating study plan which have an experience at establishing technological study centers, however, it is not clear which organization it is because Kartu Group hasn’t revealed it yet.

One of the issues when you collaborate with foreign partners is looking for professionals. As Vakho Tsagareli explains, they will find proper academics abroad and retain them again as well.

We want successful Georgian professors who live abroad come back to our universities. We currently have a communication with them. Foreign partners will retrain part of the academics. They will prepare a concept, program and a study plan- declared Vakho Tsagareli.

Studying at the university will be bilingual: in Georgian and in English.

Technological university will accept the first generation of students in 2019. Student complex with a capacity of 60 000 students will be built on 140 hectares of territory.

Technological and technical sciences will be the main profile of the university. Study directions will be the following: Engineering, Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences, Computer Technologies, Agro directions and different and interdisciplinary programs.