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Kulinariumi – Master Classes of Professional Chefs and Big Plans for the Future

Georgian culinary culture is very ancient; however a lot of people all around the world aren’t familiar with it, yet. The founder of Kulinariumi, Tekuna Gachechiladze started new direction in her field and she is going to offer master classes and professional trainings to people who are interested in culinary. The main aim of the project is to promote Georgian cuisine worldwide. Agency Gastronaut united professional chefs who will take care of presenting Georgian cuisine at the international level. The founder of Gaustronaut, Levan Kokiashvili talks about new challenges and perspectives.

What is the concept of Kulinarium?

Kulinarium won’t function as a restaurant anymore and we decided to open culinary school instead. Regarding this, Gastronaut invited all Georgian chefs to make a team and create a common space for young chefs to see new techniques of working.

What are you planning to do for tourists? Are you planning to develop in this direction?

We will give master classes to tourists. There is a big demand for that. When a tourist arrives in the country, he or she is interested in a local cuisine and this is a good opportunity for us to impress them. We should collaborate with tourist agencies and hotels to reach tourists.

Let’s talk about culinary festivals and competitions, how can we benefit from that and what kind of perspectives do we have in the future?

International culinary competitions are very important for us. There is one competition called “50 best restaurants in the world” and it takes place every year to reveal one winner. We want to invite winners of this competition to Georgia. When such professionals write about Georgia, half of world professional chefs will read it and it will raise awareness about our cuisine in the world.