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Ivan Kondilenko:“In five-six years VR casinos will become a widespread phenomenon”


Implementation of VR and AR technologies in gambling will give new exciting experience to gamblers and become a growth driver for leading operators. Georgia Gaming Congress press service talked with CASEXE CEO Ivan Kondilenko about the innovations changing the gambling industry. His company was the first to start developing VR casino.

The interviewer: Georgia Gaming Congress (GGC)

The expert: CASEXE CEO Ivan Kondilenko (I.K.)

GGC: Your company was the first to announce release of a new product – a virtual casino. Tell us more about this project. 

I.K.: Yes, in December 2016 our company produced a new product – VR casino, i.e. a casino created with the use of VR technologies. First of all, I would like to note that this is a unique offer because our direct competitors don’t have such projects. So, CASEXE is a pioneer in this sphere. During 2016 we were studying the possibility of applying VR technologies to the gambling industry, analyzing and forming an optimal development algorithm. We even created a special department for the project. As a result, we can now assure you that CASEXE is able to create any VR casino our customers order. Don’t forget about the technology of augmented reality which joins the real world and virtual objects. We can also offer operators adopting this technology in their future projects.

GGC: What experience will visitors of VR casinos gain? Is the presence effect strong?

I.K.: Let’s examine this issue from two perspectives – the gambler’s and the operator’s. So, what will the gambler get? First of all, new impressions and emotions which are extremely valuable in the gambling business.  Nowadays, there is a great demand on “fresh” projects with the use of new technologies and solutions and we believe that VR and AR casinos will fill the void in the near future. In comparison with a classic project of online casino, the main advantages of VR for the gambler are the incomparable presence effect and the whole range of emotions felt by all main human sensory receptors such as vision, auditory, smell, etc. If compared to a land-based casino, the VR casino can have no rules and physical limits such as territory, planning, equipment parameters, etc.

The main restriction is the operator’s phantasy. The virtual world gives unlimited opportunities. So, what will the operator get? The answer is undeniable competitive advantage and a new powerful instrument for earning profit. As you can see, VR and AR casinos are important for the gambler and for the operator as well. It is vital to join them by means of a high-quality and functional project and we are pleased to do that.

GGC: How many companies are engaged in developing and implementing VR technologies in gambling?

I.K.: Today CASEXE is one of the first companies in the world which announced the opportunity of running projects with the use of VR and AR technologies. I mean a high-quality product. There are no doubts that you can find people who will offer you creating such a project but it will be disreputable individuals or companies with no experience in the gambling industry. Talking about specialized companies which develop quality products for the gambling industry, we are the first ones. To be honest, we are not interested in other companies.

 GGC: How much time will it take for virtual casinos to become widespread?

I.K.: Depending on what you mean by saying “widespread”. I am sure that not only gambling business but also all spheres of our life are connected with virtual reality. Nowadays, VR technologies are actively used in healthcare (teaching doctors with no damage to patients), education (interactive effective lessons for children), architecture, automobile manufacturing, military and other spheres. The entertainment sphere is one of the most suitable ones for implementing these technologies, so, the future belongs to VR and AR. The sooner market participants realize it, the faster the industry will develop. We predict that dramatic advance in this sphere will happen during two-three years. As far as the virtual reality is concerned, it will become a widespread phenomenon in five-six years. I will repeat myself and say that much depends on operators, business owners, regulating authorities. If no artificial barriers in the development of new technologies are created, the future will look like in my description. People will give impulse to the trend if not interrupted.

GGC: As far as I understand, in order to play in the virtual casino, gamblers have to buy VR headsets. Can it be a serious obstacle for the development of this project? Or does the desire to play virtual games stimulate the demand on gadgets?

I.K.: I can say for sure that the purchase of a VR headset won’t be a serious obstacle for the technology development. Today we can see that competition among manufacturers of such gadgets is increasing. Products are created for different audience which means price cut, wide range of choice and massive production of devices. I would compare this phenomenon to the appearance of the first touchscreen smartphones. Compare their prices and quantity to the current situation.

Demand on virtual reality is so high that equipment won’t be a stumbling block for the technology development. On the contrary, the equipment will be optimized and improved which means that the sphere will be at an advantage.  And you are right that the desire to play VR and AR games will be one of the factors stimulating the demand on corresponding gadgets.

GGC: You will be one of the speakers at Georgia Gaming Congress. What will you talk about?

I.K.: I will speak on the issues mentioned in the interview in more detail and discuss the process of developing and creating VR and AR casinos (stages, time for their realization, resources and lots of other nuances). Besides, together with the audience we will touch on the issue of global development of VR technologies, new possible formats and methods of their use in business, work and recreation. I will be glad to see everyone at the Congress in Tbilisi on March 1. See you in Georgia!