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Supra Index

ISET set New Year Supra Index

ISET has published New Year Supra Index linked to New Year’s approaching.

The Index shows the cost (in GEL) of a standard supra meal for a family of 5-6 person. Included in our calculations are such traditional dishes as khachapuri, mtsvadi, satsivi, trout, fried chicken, Olivier salad, pkhali, cucumber & tomato salad, and – for desert – gozinaki and fruits.

The Index takes the lowest value in Shida Kartli (GEL 123.1) and the highest in Adjara (GEL 159.7).

ISET notes, that walnuts are the most important – and most expensive – ingredient of the New Year Supra. At this time of the year, the price of walnuts which varies from GEL 15.8 to GEL 27.5 per kg.