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International Workshop Lost Landscapes Responds to the Environment

RaCha brings together six different artists working in various media, such as film, painting, sculpture, installation. This international workshop Lost Landscapes gives a platform to the artists to create and evolve their position exchange experience and percent  the contemporary art to Oni region. CBW had an interview with coordinator and curator of Lost Landscapes:

Do you think environment popular in contemporary art as a subject?

It has always been popular environment, especially nowadays, in growing urbanization epoch. That’s the multidisciplinary form of contemporary art that can substantiate, criticize and bring this problem to an audience.

What’s the duration of project and how will it prolong?

International artists workshop will take place from 17th to 24th of July. Artists create works in the Racha Artale area and will be exhibited at Oni Museum regional studies, and may be further expanded in Tbilisi and Regional Museums.

According to what reason was the location selected?

Over the years, forest is cutting down and goes through Shari reservoir uncontrollably. Ammonia factory is an issue too. The concrete sarcophagus is broken and the radiation of ammonia wastes in the water. We want local inhabitants to focus that art is not only about sharing beautiful landscape but presenting problem. Artists will be able to visualize within the concept. The project ‘Lost Landscapes’ was going on during an year. The gathered artists have already conceived the concept and visuals of their works.

Tell us about the participants, what are their nationalities and professions?

Participants are artists who have worked in multidisciplinary format of contemporary art. The majority of them has worked in other projects together. There are 7 participants, two of them are German, two Azeris and three Georgian artists: Jens Rausch, Constanze John, Elene Rakviashvili, Maka Batiashvili, Kote Jincharadze, Chingiz Babaev and Elnur Babaev.

What results do you expect at the end of the project?

We hope that the project will continue in other regions and will become familiar with both Georgian and foreign viewers as a general problem – and the main purpose – the necessity of nature and environment and the opportunity to express the problem withing modern art forms.

What are the nearest future plans?

The closest plan is to hold the exhibition successfully at Oni Local Museum and then on other location where the issue of destruction and transformation of nature is acute.


By Nina Gomarteli

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