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International Specialists Supervise Construction of Ski Cross Track in Bakuriani

On February 16-17 Bakuriani will host a competition in ski cross under the aegis of International Ski Federation (FIS). The competition will be held on Didveli tracks: Nodo and Didveli 1. Special works are underway. The process is supervised by foreign specialists: Klaus Waldner from Austria, chief of the track; Bessy Girlando from France, the track builder and FIS delegate Reinhard Rudolf Krampfer from Germany.

Ski Cross was recognized as an Olympic discipline in 2010. It unites ski and snowboard freestyle. This discipline requires a special track with barriers. Four athletes simultaneously participate in the tournament to cover about 1.5 km distance as soon as possible. This attractive and interesting tournament requires maximal concentration from athletes and special physical conditions.

Fans and the resort visitors will admire Bakuriani International Tournament.

Athletes from Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, England and Australia will take part in the tournament. Four Georgian athletes will participate in the tournaments: David Tediashvili, David Gava, Lasha Kurtanidze and Besiki Chartolani.
This tournament is the first step for hosting the World Championship in Georgia in 2023. According to Ski Federation of Georgia, success in ski cross tournament in Bakuriani will enable Georgia to improve perspectives among other applicant countries.
Ski Cross tournament in Bakuriani will be held with the support of Ski Federation of Georgia, Ski Resort Development Company, Ministry of Economy and Silknet.