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Infantry Fighting Vehicle Lazika

Infantry Fighting Vehicle Lazika

LAZIKA is a new generation, tracked modular vehicle with high mobility, superior protection and excellent survivability.

Modular design, unique monocoque hull and modern high grade materials make Lazika a capable lightweight IFV and universal platform for various missions.
Armament of Lazika can be easily changed according to the mission giving the vehicle flexibility to meet requirements of modern armies for any mission, anytime, anywhere.
 Infantry Fighting Vehicle Lazika
Thanks to the tracked chassis and precise weight distribution, Lazika is a high stability platform with excellent cross country performance at any terrain in any weather conditions.
– Unique design and precise engineering.
– STC Delta’s own development low weight/high grade protective materials.
– Superior protection of crew members against kinetic and mine blast threats.
– Available add on armor kit to further enchase vehicle protection level.
– Excellent survivability.
– High power to weight ratio.
– Tracked chassis for excellent cross country performance.
– High reliability and easy maintenance
– Powerful armament even in basic modification.
– Modular design enabling mounting of different type of weapons.
Infantry Fighting Vehicle Lazika
Excellent cross country performance The tracked chassis gives Lazika excellent cross country performance, together with specially designed components and powerful engine Lazika is ready for any mission at any terrain. Precise weight distribution further enchases Lazika’s technical characteristics, with high angels of approach/departure and side slope there is no insurmountable barrier for Lazika. Able to ford on x depth without preparation Lazika can cross the water obstacle rapidly.
– High speed on both paved and unpaved road.
– Proven chassis for various road conditions.
– High power to weight ratio.
– Unprepared water fording capability.
– Precise weight distribution for excellent stability.
– High maneuverability

Engine and Drivetrain
– Powered by 6 cylinder V type diesel engine .
– High power to weight ratio.
– Modern gearbox for fast and efficient torque conversion.
– Low fuel consumption and maintenance cost
– Superior reliability

Infantry Fighting Vehicle Lazika

Superior Protection
– STANAG 4569 Level 4 protection against kinetic threats in basic model.
– Excellent mine resistance.
– Add on armor kit for additional protection.
– Specially shaped hull to further enchase vehicle protection capability.
– Seats designed for safe, comfortable ride and impact absorption. Seat belts for safe cruising.

– Armament in base model – remotely controlled weapon station, with day/night vision camera and
– FLIR armed with 23mm (2A14) gun and twinned 7,62mm PKT machine gun.
– Modular design allows mounting of different types of armament.
– Ideal platform for MLRS, SAM, ATGM or other weapons.

Infantry Fighting Vehicle Lazika

One platform different missions
Lazika is designed with malty purpose capabilities in mind, there for it is a good solution not only for the armies seeking cost effective, highly protected and exceptional firepower IFV, but also a highly stable, capable and proven platform for different various missions. From basic Infantry fighting vehicle optionally Lazika can be transformed to: Armored personal carrier, Command and control unit, Ambulance, recovery, tracked reconnaissance vehicle or a platform for various SAM, Artillery Systems, Anty Tank Guided Missiles and Etc.


Length 6130 mm
Width 3068 mm
Height with arming module 2918 mm
Empty vehicle weight 14850 kg
Crew 3 man
Troops 7 man
Maximum speed 70 km/h
Engine 400 horsepower
Total capacity of the fuel tanks 400 l
Operational range 450 km
Armor STANAG 4569 LEVEL 4
Clearance 444 mm
Gradient 0 60 % (31°)
Side slope 30 % (17°)
Obstacles 70 sm
Trench crossing 2000 mm
Water pass 1200 mm
Main armament 23 mm automatic canon 2A14
Secondary armament 7,62 mm machine gun PKT
Ammunition load (23 mm) 100 Round
Ammunition load (7,62 mm) 500 cartridge

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