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In UN Speech PM Says Georgia’s ‘Future is Bright’

Addressing the UN General Assembly on October 1, PM Irakli Garibashvili said Georgia’s “future is bright” and highlighted, as he put it, “progress in every policy area” made by the government.

In a 20-minute UN speech, his second one since taking PM’s post two years ago, Garibashvili spoke on issues ranging from economy, education, healthcare and foreign policy to sports, and also wished success to the Georgian national rugby team when they face New Zeeland at the World Cup on Friday.

He condemned Russia’s “creeping annexation” of Georgia’s territories, but also reiterated Tbilisi’s readiness to forge “constructive”, “responsible and pragmatic relations” with Moscow. In other foreign policy issues, he reaffirmed Georgia’s NATO aspirations, mentioned “developing strong” relations with China, and welcomed Iran nuclear deal saying that it would hopefully contribute “to greater security and economic development in the region”.