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Ilia Eloshvili Appointed As a Minister of Energy

Prime-minister presented Ilia Eloshvili as a Minister of Energy at today’s government session.

Since 2012 Kakha Kaladze took the position of Energy Minister.Kaladze resigned last week. He is a candidate of  ”Georgian Dream” on the position of Tbilisi Mayor at the local self-government elections.

Ilia Eloshvili was Deputy Minister of Energy until now.

2002-2003-He was a consultant of ”Ostor-Netherlands”

2003-2004- He worked for ”Gorgasali LTD.” as a commercial manager.

2004-2006-Director of the western region of the United Distribution Power Company / PA Consulting Group;

2006-2007- Director of the infrastructure rehabilitation project at the fund ”Millennium Challenge Georgia”;

2007-Chief Executive Officer Deputy at ”Millennium Challenge Georgia”

2007-2008- General Director Deputy at ”Wisol Petrolium LTD.”

2010-2011- Technical Director of ”New Energy”

2011-2012- Deputy Director of the USAID Project Tetra Tech Inc.