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How to Pack Your bag For Summer Holidays in Georgia

How to Pack Your bag For Summer Holidays in Georgia

This is quite a weird topic, we should admit, but our inbox with the questions from future guests of Georgia makes us talk about it.

We consider the fact that not the whole world knows about us (yet), so first we want to answer five most popular questions: YES, Georgia is a safe country, YES, you can wear summer clothes there, YES, you can go out after dark, YES, you negotiate the price in the taxis, markets and street shops and YES, if people offer you a treat or invite you to have a drink in their home, they are showing their hospitality and not the intention to rob you.

Though there are more little things, which seem obvious to us locals, but are surprisingly new for people, who travel here for the first time. For example, even if you google Georgia, you will see that the landscape is quite mountainous here, so please pack some sports shoes or at least some flat ones. You will definitely go out from the hotel to take a walking excursion in Tbilisi, Batumi or Kutaisi, or will go to the mountainous areas with a tour (at least, that’s what people usually do), so why torturing your feet with inconvenient shoes? It may definitely spoil your impression.

If you are going to the seaside, recommendation is almost the same: convenient shoes for the pebble beach. Flip-flops or something like this. Take them with you or buy them on spot, as well as sun cream (it’s very obvious, but there are guests who couldn’t imagine that a country from ex-Soviet area is not cold as Siberia). Sun cream will be also very useful not just near the sea, but also in the mountains. Summer in Georgia is hot.

Another thing, which becomes more than an accessory, as we speak about historical sightseeing, is a scarf (for women). In order to enter a church or monastery, you should cover your head – this is a tradition. So scarf is quite a must. Again, you can pack it with you or check out one of the shops in Georgia to buy it as a souvenir.

The next point of our list is external battery charger. Of course, we all wish we could turn off the phone and give in to pure emotions of discovering a new country! But if you feel like going to the mountains, make a lot of photos, waiting for an important mail in the meantime, please consider taking an extra battery with you. Mountains give you energy of nature, they recharge you emotionally, but you can’t really plug your phone there.

Socket adapter is another must have for those, who travel to Georgia from the USA, Dubai or any country, which doesn’t use European plugs. Don’t waste your time running to the shops and looking for adapter. Just prepare it. And, being serious and unserious at the same time, we would advise you to make an extra hole in your belt, because Georgian food is awesome, so you will be tasting everything and a bit more. Or at least leave some space in your suitcase while packing, to take some wine, cheese, spices, jams or handmade items back home.

Source: georgia.travel