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How Much Does A Weekend Trip To Tbilisi Cost? (Infographics)

For those wanting to travel to new places without spending too much, Tbilisi is one of the best destinations to explore, as Georgia is listed among countries with lowest cost of living.

CBW has tried to clarify at what price visitors with average incomes are able to spend their weekend trips in Tbilisi and what innovations the city offers them during the summer season.

Tbilisi is one of the most ancient cities of the world. It is 1500 years old… The origins of its name come from the warm sulfuric wells, as in Georgian ‘Tbili’ means warm. Tbilisi is home to a population of roughly 1.5 million inhabitants. It remains a popular destination because of its low prices, beautiful architecture, youthful spirit, vibrant nightlife, and rich history.

Tbilisi has lots of great attractions and they’re all affordable or free. The thermal baths are good for health and body. The tradition of sulfur baths has existed in the region since antiquity. Prominent 19th century Russian poet Pushkin loved to rest here. Located right in the old town, Sulfur Baths are easy to find thanks to the building with distinctive domes.


You should seek out as much Georgian food as you can in Tbilisi. Georgian food consists of bread, dumplings, all sorts of meat, seasonal vegetables, walnuts, eggplants, mushroom, fruits, dairy products, and cheeses — it will fill you up! Prices are very affordable, but try to find where the locals eat to get the best price and quality.

Tbilisi has a cheapest network of trams, buses, and subways. They’re all affordable, but be sure to always validate your ticket because they do check riders’ tickets often (you don’t want to get fined). Tbilisi Taxi costs about 3-5 GEL but due to Tbilisi traffic jams you should use other means of transport.

Hostels and hotels are pretty cheap in Tbilisi as well. There are also a good number of very cheap ones; or you can spend a little extra if you want more comforts. Rental apartments are a great option in Tbilisi.

In Tbilisi, you can find bars and clubs for people with completely different lifestyle. The nightlife is great, and you will see a lot of young people everywhere.

Tbilisi has loads of interesting attractions: such as horse riding, biking, wine and cheese tasting places.

See our Infographics below to approximate how much a week trip to Tbilisi will cost you. Enjoy your stay in the city that is the historical crossroad of East and West.

Weekend Trip To Tbilisi