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Hollywood’s Location Managers and Producers Visiting Georgia

Distinguished American location managers and produces are visiting Georgia to explore the local potential in terms of shooting films. The visit was organized as part of Film in Georgia program of Enterprise Georgia agency.

The famous location managers have worked on such films as Momentum, The Air I breathe, The Patriot, Joe, Shallow Hal, Outcast, Legendary, The Last Castle. During the one-week visit, the guests will see Batumi, Tskaltubo, Chiatura, Tbilisi, Kazbegi and Rustavi.

Arrival of the American producers will popularize Georgia, advance movie industry in the country to make Georgia as the center of eastern Europe. It is also noteworthy that the American delegation is hosted by Enterprise Georgia agency.

During the visit the foreign guests will meet with Georgian movie producers and representatives of Georgian producer companies to share their experience to them and receive information on filming potential of Georgia cinematography and the existing infrastructure.

The Film in Georgia program has raised much interest. A total of 15 applications have been submitted and their total investment value makes up 26.9 million GEL. To popularize the program Enterprise Georgia has been holding the so-called Road shows in various countries to deliver comprehensive information to international producers, offer shooting locations to them and expose Georgia’s cinematographic potential.