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Hollywood Producers Survey Georgia for Potential Filming Spots

Hollywood Producers Survey Georgia for Potential Filming Spots

The team of location managers from US began their week-long visit to Georgia in Tbilisi.

A group of Hollywood film executives are on an exploration visit to Georgia to study some of the country’s most impressive and picturesque locations for future filming opportunities.

Film in Georgia visit 1A handful of location managers from the United States (US) cinema industry travelled to Tbilisi on June 20 and will remain in the country for a week and visit about a dozen cities and towns throughout the country to assess their potential as shooting locations.

While in Georgia the experts – who have worked on famous Hollywood productions including The Hangover, Mission:Impossible and Transformers – will travel to places including Kazbegi Municipality, Kakheti region, the mountainous north-western town of Mestia and seaside city Batumi.

On their return to the US, the experts will offer location recommendations to US film directors and producers, who will use this advice to launch film projects in Georiga.

The US film industry experts are being hosted in Georgia by the Georgian National Film Centre and Enterprise Georgia. The group will conclude their visit on June 26.Film in Georgia visit 2

Georgia started cooperating with the US film industry earlier this year after two Georgian agencies travelled to the US and presented the country’s cash rebate program Film in Georgia, which encouraged foreign filmmakers to shoot their films in Georgia.

Representatives from some of the largest film companies including Disney and Motion Picture Association of America were invited to hear about the opportunities to cooperate with Georgian partners, as well as the opportunities of producing a film in Georgia.

The incentives offered by Film in Georgia to foreign filmmakers include returning up to 25 percent of filming expenses to producers as well as reduced level of bureaucratic procedures.

Managers of the Governmental initiative said the program had already received a number of applications by film producers from Asia, Europe and the US.

Source: News.Az