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Holidaymaking Prices At Georgian Resorts

The summer is coming and both foreign and domestic holidaymakers most frequently ask:  how much does the holidaymaking cost at various resorts in Georgia and where can we spend our summer weekends?

A certain category of individuals consider comfortable environment more important than prices, while a major part of the holidaymakers find prices the most important. The location is also very significant. Some holidaymakers prefer seaside, others prefer highlands or clean air and peace in summer.

The CBW has tried to clarify at what price visitors with averaged incomes are able to spend their holidays at various resorts of Georgia and what innovations the resort cities offer to them during the summer season.


In summer, as a rule, the sea is the most relevant theme. Such resorts as Batumi, Kobuleti and Ureki are flooded by visitors during the season. The number of domestic and foreign visitors is growing  every year, according to owners of the domestic hotels.

The price of suites ranges from $30 to $590. CBW newspaper has contacted Royal Venezia, one of the hotels in Batumi. Holidaymakers are able to spend their time at 165-280 USD here. Adjara based hotels permanently offer various discount campaigns to visitors and this factor makes the holidaymaking in Adjara more attractive.


The summer actualizes mountains too, besides seaside. In Svaneti for the last years the number of visitors has sensibly increased, including the number of domestic and foreign tourists. Hotel prices here range from $50 to $170.


In Racha, the price of two-bed suites at the Sunset Shovi hotel is 135 USD. The price includes a triple meal. An European-standard hotel operates in the resort of Shovi that is famous for mountainous air, pine trees and mineral waters.


Those who prefer resorts with healing plants and air, they can visit such resorts as Surami and Shovi. Hotel prices in Surami range from 30 USD to 50 USD. As to Shovi, holidaymakers are able to spend beautiful time there at 25-230 USD.


Holidaymakers wishing to enjoy mineral waters along with clean air, Borjomi and Bakuriani resorts are due places. According to the last statistics, the number of visitors has sensibly increased there.

Hotel prices in  Borjomi range from 50 USD to 472 USD, while prices in Bakuriani are lower and they range from 60 USD to 160 USD.



Georgian Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Giorgi Kvirikashvili talks about the ongoing projects and plans of the national tourism administration:

“I would like to make a special accent on the tourism sector, because no other sector brings such currency revenues as the tourism. The sector employs many individuals in the small and medium-sized businesses.

This sector works and its image should further strengthen as an industrial field. This is very important for our economic development. We have received positive dynamics in the tourism direction for last months.

Contraction in number of tourists inflows halted in April and the month recorded a 0.6% upturn. The figure is very small, but encouraging. It should be also noted we are conducting very intense campaigns on 9 target markets: Azerbaijan, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Hungary, Israel and Russia.

We have also launched AD campaigns on EuroNews and this campaign will be intensified in several days. Georgia is participating in 20 international and two domestic tourism exhibitions.

The country is hosting 40 press and introductory tours. To this end budget funds have been already mobilized. We have composed a plan of a number of works in relation to these issues and this plan is being implemented.

This year Georgia will host Youth Olympic Games and this will strengthen Georgia’s image as an international tourism country. It is worth noting in 2017 Georgia will host a conference of Mountain Resorts. As a result, we expect the image of Georgia as a tourism country to grow further”, Kvirikashvili said.