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Photo by: @Santiagraphy

Highlights of a Magic Night – Björk at Tbilisi Concert Hall

Not surprisingly Björk took attendees to a mysterious journey, together with Georgian National Simphonic Orchestra last night. Icelandic singer is set to give two performances in the capital of Georgia, within SOU Festival – the Stream of Unconsciousness (SOU) festival of contemporary music and visual arts.

SOU is an annual festival in Georgia that describes itself as “an awakening of cultural memory, which was forgotten and buried in the collective unconsciousness”.

The show proved to be one of the hottest tickets in town — tickets sold out in a rush once released.

Performer was prominent with her style as usual. For this time, her way of expressing matched to local designer, Irma Sharikadze, who is well known as diverse use of fabrics. ”She wore an impressive pink floral crown by Georgian artist of the label ”Irma de Flore”, pairing the headgear with a pink blouse and matching trousers by Central Saint Martins graduate Peter Movrin.”- says Vogue.

Photo by: SOU Festival

Organizers of the festival strictly tried prevent public using their phones, taking pictures. Still, some of them were tempted to reflect present with their cameras, which caused powerful message by Björk herself:

I see your phones instead of your eyes. I crossed half universe to see you, seize the moment to be with me, don’t think of the future…”,-said Björk after performing ”dancer in the dark”.

Photo by: SOU Festival

The 2 hours show consisted songs from the 2015 album called – Vulnicura, the one where she mostly finds sonic strategies, that are well matched with her concepts and themes, attempting finding order in the chaos. During which, she said ”Madloba”- thank you in Georgian, after each song.

The program of the second show will be identical, held at the State Opera House.

p.s: Festival was limited to some of the media’s, and Caucasus Business Week could not attend the event. I attended with my initiative, we would like to thank our readers and our partner media outlets for giving opportunity to share the incredible story with out audiences.

By Nina Gomarteli

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