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“Heat Batumi 2015” Moves to Active Stage

“Heat Batumi 2015” moves to an active phase – fun’s going down all day-round!

In frames of thesummer project, Batumi was host to Italian stars on July 16th through July 17th. The Sanremo Days have come to an end in the seaside town; however “Heat Batumi 2015” carries on.

The first of the Sanremo days was devoted to the “Spaghetti Swing” band and their famous hits. Batumi dwellers and guests to the city were privy to an unusually wonderful performance – the virtuoso band offered both music and spaghetti to attendees of Club Take Five. David Gomarteli, who hosted the Sanremo Days, was also there.

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The inimitable Umberto Tozzi and group “Ricchi e Poveri” sang their famous hits on the Batumi Tennis Court stage which was newly built. The Sanremo Days doubled as its debut.

“We go and sing wherever we’re summoned, we respect all listeners. There are no political agendas for us, only music and nothing else,” stated Ricchi e Poveri’s soloist, Franco Gatti, during his visit to Batumi.

“We carry music and joy! We’re musicians, not politicians! What we bring to the people is happiness, positivity.” – noted Ricchi e Poveri’s Angela Brambati.

“Music is a universal language for communicating relationships. It’s what we do in every country – we sing in every country. And we take great pleasure in that.” – said the group’s singer, Angelo Sotgiu.

The concert was led by Georgian singer David Gomarteli, who loves Italy, the country’s cuisine and music, and is fluent in its language. He knows all there is to know about Italians. He sang during the concert as well, evoking several Italian hits.

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It’s important to note that Umberto Tozzi was in Georgia for the first time conducting a concert.

“Heat Batumi 2015 also saw the Batumi Performers’ Days take place, which began on July 14th. Visitors to Batumi were treated to various hits by local groups like the Black Sea Band, Seaside, Lasha Ghlonti, and Vazha Tugushi’s band on the open stage near the boulevard colonnades. Other performers on the stage included Vanilla Cage, pianist Lado Katashvili and the Batumi Queartet.

The Performers’ Days ended with Sopho Khalvashi’s concert, who gifted a wonderful evening to citizens and visitors of Batumi.

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In a nutshell, the Batumi residents and city guests had a magical weekend. Soon, in the area around the “Sheratoni” hotel, in frames of “Heat Batumi 2015”, the “KOLGA” exhibition opened that will run until September 6th.

The international photo contest “KOLGA” took place for the fourteenth time this year. For two months, 38 photo projects and 18 photos will be displayed for Batumi dwellers and visitors. Photographers from up to 40 countries took part in this year’s contest, and the best photos were chosen from a pool of over 9000 entries.

“The International Photo Contest ‘KOLGA TBILISI PHOTO 2015’ took its start on May 1st in Tbilisi, showing off the year’s best photos and rewarding winners until May 8th. In frames of the festival, individual and group-based exhibitions were held. Apart from contest exhibitions, various others were invited from countries around the world. A record number of people were participating in this year’s contest, photographers from up to 40 countries. A large number of photographers visit our country through this period, which is also quite important. For now, “KOLGA” has already opened and is awaiting onlookers. Batumi will pay host to it till September 6th,” – noted the founder of KOLGA TBILISI PHOTO, Beso Khaindrava.

Apart from this, in frames of “Heat Batumi 2015” and the modern art gallery CAC 41N/41E, the Street Art festival was opened. Tezi Gabunia, Zura Arabidze and Dr. Love were the artists who got to show off their work. The festival took place for the third time in the seaside town.

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5 walls were painted in frames of the project that were picked in various districts of the city. Throughout one week the Batumi people were able to look on as at the art’s creation. The festival was organized by the art studio DOTCOMMA.

The Street Art festival took place in Batumi for the first time in 2013, and it united 9 Parisian and 6 Georgian artists from both Tbilisi and Batumi.

From July 21 to July 22nd, the Batumi colonnades stage was taken by the Batumi Jazz Big Band, with completely free attendance. Apart from this, the entirety of the Jazz Festival has taken start and will end on July 26th with a concert from Snoop Dogg.

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The 60 days of Heat Batumi will cover over 200 events hosting 259 foreign artists from over 20 countries. With up to 2000 participants overall, Heat Batumi will be split into 11 thematic weeks, with each and every one of them having a unique topic and artistic accent. Heat Batumi is suitable for people of all ages and allows visitors to plan their vacation based on what they wish to see most. There’s fun going down all day-round.

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By Lazare Gvimradze
Reporter. Covers various ongoing projects in Georgia, as well as global technology news.
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