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What Happened at Bricorama Hypermarket?

According to IPress, on March 7 several employees did not report for work after the management of Bricorama French company took decision to deduct 25% of their salaries.

IPress has contacted the company marketing manager, who refused information as if the employees had quited job places in protest, however, confirmed, the mentioned four persons had not come to work simultaneously.

According to IPress information, last evening the company management announced to the staff that 25% of their salaries would be deducted because of losses and this deduction would refer to even those, who were not related to losses. According to the same source, the employees declared that they would quite their jobs and the management answered that the company would not pay even February salaries. According to the agency information, 3 employees submitted notice to terminate.

In response to this question, the marketing manager noted that he did not have precise information and did not know whether anybody was going to quit jobs or whether their salaries were to be deducted.

He noted that no notice had been submitted to the management and in case of losses and violation of the company regulations, each specific case would be discussed separately.

We remind you that Bricorama is French network of repairs services hypermarket which launched operation in Georgia on September 15, 2016.