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Gvaramia is Provoking His Detention

Rustavi 2 TV company director general Nika Gvaramia has spread misinformation as if the Interior Ministry had mobilized special detachments attack the Rustavi 2 TV company building.

Gvaramia has spread this misinformation to mislead the public opinion and escalate tensions, the Georgian  Interior Ministry’s special statement reads.

“We stress again that the Interior Ministry is to defend the public peace and security. We urge all interested parties and persons to abstain from spreading ungrounded and unverified information”, the Interior Ministry statement reads.

Neither the existing Authorities nor magistrate Urtmelidze seek and adhere to legal grounds, Nika Gvaramia answered the question about what legal grounds would authorize a special detachment to enter the TV company.

Moreover, Nika Gvaramia asserts that his team will use all instruments and measures not to let enforcement bodies enter the company. Rustavi 2 serves public interests and justice, he said and added that he would apply all constitutionally guaranteed rights to protect the freedom of citizens. Gvaramia also urged citizens who appreciate not Rustavi 2, but the freedom of speech and free future of this country, to defend Rustavi 2 TV company, a main and only independent media channel in Georgia.

Despite this statement, Gvaramia was announcing a trial completion  at all sittings, but, as a lawyer he knows very well that the trial is not expected to end today, because the parties have not finished speeches as provided by the procedural norms. Therefore, lawyers and experts say that Nika Gvaramia deliberately tenses the situation and he is trying to escalate the process in the interests of the United National Movement (UNM).

Lawyer Irma Chkadua has told the FOR.Ge news agency that Gvaramia’s statements are not related to freedom of speech, because Gvaramia himself misses the constitutional space when he asserts without substantiation that a special detachment plans to attack the TV company.

“Gvaramia has gone out of the constitutional space and his statement is a part of soap operas that he is accustomed to show us such as the so-called Spies Case, Modeled Chronicle and so on. We also remember the statement made by Gvaramia when the special detachment dispersed Imedi TV company in 2007.

Nobody rushes into Rustavi 2, but Gvaramia strives for similar scenario through his statements and activities.  Gvaramia and his team are expected to stage various provocations to draw the attention of the international community”, Irma Chkadua noted.

Nika Gvaramia’s statement and behavior signify he plans to inspire provocations, she added.

Expert Soso Tsiskarishvili noted the hysterical background that accompanies the trial is a result of well-planned strategy. The more hysterical the situation is, the more content the inspirers of this turmoil will be.

“They did not expect the video footage would appear again. Therefore, the planner of this hysteria and provocation is trying to deepen this hysteria. Our citizens do not trust these manipulations over freedom of speech. It is interesting what these journalists have to say during the last three months that they could not say? If these manipulations were true, Rustavi 3,  Rustavi 4 and Rustavi 5 TV companies would have been already established”, Soso Tsiskarishvili said.

The Rustavi 2 director general’s tricks are not convincing and I believe Gvaramia has missed the legal space, Soso Tsiskarishvili added.

“We remember November 7, 2007, when this Mr. and his Authorities accused reporter Natia Mikiashvili of almost the whole coup d’état. As a result, Imedi TV company was dispersed. Naturally, Gvaramia does not want to seem as a spoiled balloon and he is trying to give  more heroic appearance to this failed game”, Soso Tsiskarishvili told the FOR.ge.