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Guardian Titles Mamuka Gorgodze World Cup Superman

Georgia faces Namibia in a Rugby World Cup game today. Winning this game will gain Georgia automatic Rugby World Cup qualification for the 2019 tournament. 

After losing to the All Blacks of New Zealand, the Lelos are looking to play an exciting, dominant match.

A win against Namibia will ensure Georgia receives a spot at the 2019 Rugby World Cup among the world’s top 12 national teams.

The Guardian writes: “Two World Cup supermen, Jacques Burger and Mamuka Gorgodze, will hurtle into seismic collision as Namibia and Georgia take another tournament turn – both battered, but unbowed and fiercely proud.”

Gorgodze was named the Man of the Match despite Georgia losing out 43-10 to New Zealand at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium on Friday.

The 31-year-old’s humble look of surprise and honour on learning of his award lit up still further a dogged and commendable performance from Georgia against the defending champions.

Georgia have made wholesale changes to face Namibia, but Gorgodze is retained in the back-row.

Haig called on his players to show heart and courage against the All Blacks, and will repeat the demand one more time.