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Greenhouse “Planta” Started to Produce Tomatoes

Co-investment Fund in Georgia presented Greenhouse complex “Planta”, equipped with newest European technologies.  Journalists, representatives of private and public sector, as well as diplomatic corps representatives visited greenhouse occupying 12 hectares of the land.

Working on the idea of the project started in 2014 with the leading European company in greenhouse agriculture field, Richel Group. Gardabani municipality was chosen for the development of greenhouse agriculture, because it has high insolation index.

The first phase of the project was finished in Spring 2015.They invested 10 million GEL investment to construct a 4,4 hectares Greenhouse complex.

The second part of the project was implemented in 2016 and “Planta” greenhouse agriculture was enlarged up to 12 hectares.  In the frame of the second phase of the project, the Fund collaborated with Certhon as well. Project investment was worth 22,2 million USD.

In the previous seasons, “Planta” produced 2000 tons of products, however after the enlargement of the greenhouse; the number of production was tripled. This year,”Planta” offers tomatoes to its customers. The first harvest of tomatoes is expected at the end of December.

Nowadays, you can buy “Planta” products in every big supermarket. The part of production is ready to be exported to Russian Federationa as well. Today, “Planta” is the only cucumber exporter company in Georgia.

In the long-term plans of the company, it is probable that the size of the agriculture might increase to 35 hectares which means that the investment has to increase up to 40 million USD.