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GPI Holding

GPI Holding to Insure Identity Cards of the Citizens

Insurance company GPI Holding starts a new project jointly with Service Development Agency and House of Justice.

According to the new initiative, if identity cards are lost or damaged, the holder will be able to recover it without extra costs in the case of insurance. The sides have represented the new project on Wednesday.

Insurance applies to the citizen’s biometric passports, electronic ID cards, permanent and temporary residence electronic certificates, passports and refugee travel document and in the case of their loss, damage, theft, burglary or robbery, “GPI Holding” will pay the cost of recovery and the citizen will receive the new document completely free.

The citizens will receive the electronic identity card on the 10th working day. The cost merely amounts to 3 GEL, while the fee totals to 33 GEL without insurance.

Insurance applies to the accelerated service. If a person wants to restore ID cards on the same day, the insurance price totals to 7 GEL, and without insurance the price is determined by 68 GEL.

As for the passport, insurance cost is 5 GEL, however, Georgian citizen’s biometric passports is issued on the 10th working day at 103 GEL without insurance.

If the citizen wants to restore the passport on the same day, the cost totals to 10 GEL, while the price of passport receive totals to 208 GEL without insurance.

Shio Khetsuriani, chairman of State Service Development Agency has applied GPI Holding’s new service of insurance first and insured electronic ID card.

To acquire insurance of ID cards is available within the whole Georgia, at the branches of Houses of Justices, regional services of  State Service Development Agency, public centers and express public centers.

The document might be insured while making an appeal on the document preparation. However, documents issued from January 1, 2015 can be insured as well.