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Government Size to Decline to 4.2% of GDP

The Government size will decline to 4.2% of GDP by the end of 2018, Mamuka Bakhtadze, a nominee for the Prime Minister’s position, told reporters.

“The concept of a small government does not imply only a reduction of quantity of Ministries. This concept also determines the small government’s ratio in relation to the state economy, in GDP”, Mamuka Bakhtadze said.

“This year our expenditures will be about 4.2% in GDP. The Small government’s concept calls for reducing the government size to 3.9%”, Mamuka Bakhtadze said.

The smaller government will enable to redirect about 100-120 million GEL to social programs, he added.

Information about the new government will be divulged after the Parliament will discuss the new bill. Discussion process will take about 2-3 weeks, Mamuka Bakhtadze told reporters on June 18.

“Under the current legislation, we will introduce the new government with 14 ministries to the Parliament. The current acting Ministers will be represented there. After we will initiate the new bill, under which quantity of Ministers will decrease, we will visit the Parliament anew for new approval with smaller government and fewer Ministries”, Mamuka Bakhtadze noted.