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Gourmet Culinary holidays in Georgia
Aubergines in walnut spread / Photo Credit: Irma Laghadze

Gourmet Culinary Holidays in Georgia

Gastronomy is the zenith of cultural importance, epitomizing local dedication to tradition and innovation. No matter where you go or what you do, food will be there to make a great trip even better.

Whether taking full-immersion cooking courses, hiking through vineyards and orchards for tastings, hunting down the best urban street food, or scouring new farmers’ markets, culinary tourists are increasingly fanning the globe in search of authentic food experiences.

Georgian Traditional Appetizers / restaurant “Barbarestan”
Georgian Traditional Appetizers / restaurant “Barbarestan”

Rich in both history and flavor, Georgian cuisine is one of the most exotic in the world and the food is mostly homegrown and organic, cultivated by small-scale farmers and delivered daily to the bustling markets and souks around the country.

It is in this oasis and in our kitchens that we will introduce you to the exotic combination of ingredients and techniques that exemplify traditional Georgian cuisine.

Spices / Photo Credit: Irma Laghadze
Spices / Photo Credit: Irma Laghadze

Georgians have been making wine for more than 8,000 years and our wine making technique has been added to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list. When a local offers you a glass of wine, you’re in great hands.

Photo Credit: Irma Laghadze
Photo Credit: Irma Laghadze

Kakheti, the most famous winemaking region, is just a couple hours’ drive away from Tbilisi and boasts a variety of fancy chateaus as well as a small family- owned vineyards for every taste and budgete.

Guided tours will take you on a tasting adventure, discovering unique restaurants, food shops and eateries while sampling delicious foods and beverages along the way.

Gabriadze Cafe / Tbilisi
Gabriadze Cafe / Tbilisi

Each tour will make several stops to various eateries offering a wide variety of food and beverage tastings from artful appetizers, decadent desserts, to local homemade chacha and wine.

So it’s time to go behind the scenes and mingle with culinary chefs and restaurant owners, they will give a hands-on demonstration on how to make traditional dishes such as Khinakli, khachapuri and other plates.

Photo Credit: Lela Mepharishvili

Guests will have ample time to learn and cook their own meal. After preparation, they will enjoy the lunch they have prepared.

Photo Credit: Irma Laghadze

What better way to explore the various cultures of the world than through food and drink?!

We create and hand-pick the best food & wine experiences in different regions of Georgia. We offer a wide range of wine and gastronomic tours & experiences to discover the authentic that there is in every city and destination.

6 people maximum per tour. Tours will be added upon demand. Private tours are available.

So if you’re ready to see Georgia through an itinerary of unforgettable sensory experiences, let us be your guide!

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P.S The series of guides to Georgia’s culinary hos spots features recommendations from the like of Mrs. Irma Laghadze: “ I am very conservative if I talk about our cooking traditions. Cooking is one of my passions that brought me to do one of my favorite thing in this life — guiding culinary tours. I’m willing to share my experience to anyone who loves food and wants to know more about our unique culture and cuisine!

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