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GOOGLE Special Website to Publish Unique Samples of Georgian National Treasure

The Georgian Arts Palace and Google have signed an agreement”, the Georgian Arts Palace released a special statement.

The Google Cultural institute will launch cooperation with state museum of theater, music, cinema and choreography of Georgia. The Google Cultural Institute is the world’s major art virtual union and the Georgian Arts Palace will be able  to publish unique patterns of the national heritage on a special website.

The art monuments preserved at the museum will become part of the big virtual family beside works of Michelangelo, Leonardo De Vinci, Caravaggio, Van Gogh and so on.

The Arts palace is the first museum organization in Georgia that has joined this prestigious culture institute. The museum has already started preparatory works for uploading photos on the website.

At the first stage, works of Petre Otskheli, Gigo Gabashvili, Lado Gudiashvili, Elene Akhvlediani, David Kakabadze, Sergo Kobuladze, Ketevan Maghalashvili, Kirile Zhdanevich, Francoise Lezhe and others will be uploaded. Unique samples of the applied art will be also uploaded, as well as cinema and theatrical clothes, manuscripts, archeological things and so on.

The Art Palace is the fourth Museum in the Caucasus that has joined the Institute. Azerbaijan is represented by three museums at the institute.

The Georgian Arts Palace also plans to organize virtual trip at the Google Culture Institute and demonstrating the exponent in 3D format.