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GIFT Festival Hosts Contemporary Circus Group from Finland

Lähtö is the latest production of visual theatre company WHS. Directed by magician and visual artist Kalle Nio, the performance brings to the stage a couple that has drifted apart from each other and is now floating in the middle of dreamlike imagery and illusions.

Inspired by the work of 19th century magicians’ stage illusions, the piece will provide a unique theatre experience in which circus, magic, dance, clothing design and visual arts merge.The productions of the group have been a crucial factor behind the rise of Finnish new circus that has rapidly occurred in the past decade. In the performances of the group new circus has become a very modern, independent and continually changing form of expression, that other arts, especially video image, compliment.

In the press the performances have been called avant-garde also in the larger contexts of theatre and art in general. The performances have been on the sharp edge of the latest developments of theatre as well as circus.The circus group has grown known for the juggling style of Walo that balances on the boundary surfaces between juggling and puppetry, and the scale of expression of Nio that reaches from visual arts to magic.

Date: 10/11 November, 20:00

Location: Marjanishvili Theater