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German Unification Photo Display Begins in Tbilisi, Georgia

The Georgian National Library is hosting a photographic exhibition at the end of this week illustrating Germany’s road to unification over the crucial year that climaxed with the tearing down of the Berlin Wall.

Photographic and other visual material will be used at the Tbilisi exhibition to portray the events, starting with the peaceful autumn revolution of 1989 and culminating with the October 3, 1990 unification of the country that had been split for 40 years of the Cold War.

The German Federal Foundation for Reappraisal has organised a range of exhibitions around the world including the Federal Foreign Office of Germany. Photo by Foundation for Reappraisal/Facebook.

The exhibition titled The Path to the German Unification will open on Friday, September 18 by Germany’s Ambassador to Georgia Bettina Cadenbach and the head of the Science and International Cooperation Department of the German Federal Foundation for Reappraisal Ulrich Mahlert.

The exhibition was organised by the German Embassy and the Foundation for Reappraisal, which focuses on assessing the history of East Germany’s socialist regime from 1949-1990.

The expo will be open to the public until September 23 at the National Library of Georgia, located at 7 Gudiashvili St, Tbilisi.