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Georgia’s Stance on Donald Trump’s Victory

There has been significant apprising following the election of Donald Trump as the new president of the United States of America.

The blame for Donald Trump’s victory has been set on college students and media, the liberals, who failed at staying updated with the political status of the United States and, thus, voting accordingly.

However, nations that have experienced political chaos and powerful authoritarian control have voiced their concerns on the latest elections. Liberals from the cities of Prague, Warsaw, Tbilisi, and Sofia, previously known as the Eastern Bloc, speak out.

Elene Sekhniashvili, a Georgian chief specialist at the National Intellectual Property Center, says, “Believe me, we’ve been there, done that. I sure the American people and the U.S. democracy can handle it!”

Moreover, Tatia Chikhladze, a native Georgian says, ““When I was reading all this sad statuses and comments of my U.S. friends, I was thinking to myself, ‘But institutions are so strong in the USA, will they allow him to become a personalistic president?’ I strongly doubt that.”

By Maria Bakh
Reporter at CBW.ge
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