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Georgia’s Port City To Host Kefal Festival

KEFAL FEST will be held for the first time in Poti, port city of Georgia, on 12 August 2018. The main event of the festival will be the only city-scale international game called ARGO QUEST.

The festival will also offer competitions in sports fisheries, marathon, water skiing, beach games, various festival activities, tasting Megrelian cuisine and a gala-concert. The festival will be held simultaneously at the Poti Central Park (ARGO QUEST), Golden lake and Maltakva beach.

KEFAL FEST is a private initiative, organized by the tourist company “Linata” and event company “Bravo”. Project supporters are Poti City Hall, Poti Fishermen’s Club “Phazisi”, Georgia’s Water Skiing National Sports Federation and TV Channel “Meckhre Talga”. The goal of the project is to turn Poti into a new destination on Georgia’s tourist map, and thus develop city growth.