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Georgia’s Ministry of Agriculture Responds to Rospotrebnadzor

Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia responds to Rospotrebnadzor statement, in which a quality control mechanisms for exported wines to the Russian Federation was  negatively evaluated.

According to the Ministry, the relevant department of the Ministry of Agriculture strictly controls the Georgian wine and spirits quality and checks them at  the accredited laboratories. “Georgian wine is one of the country’s main export products and state as well as entrepreneurs and exporters are interested to meet product quality and safety standards”,  says at the Ministry.

They say  Georgia exports wine and spirits to  35 countries of the world. “In January-July 2015, exports growth was registered   to important markets such as China – 35%, France 119%, 221% in Korea, US – 20%, Germany – 17%, Canada – 100%, Japan – 10%; Poland 2%, Latvia – 9%, Estonia – 19% and other “- the Ministry of Agriculture states. As for a possible ban  of Georgian  products to  Russia, the Ministry of Agriculture began to  study the issue and  find out  additional details.

According to the Service, in 2015 wine products  came from 45 manufacturers of Georgia totaling more than 6.7 million liters, of which  10 parties of  alcoholic beverages (cognac Old Kakheti, Kolkhida – manufacturer Kvareli Cellar Ltd,  table dry red wine Saperavi – the manufacturer Ltd. AGORA) did not meet the requirements of regulatory documents. In Rospotrebnadzor stressed that all batches of products that did not comply with safety and quality were not allowed in  the territory of the Russian Federation.