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Georgian Woman Activist Among Guardian's #IWD16 Around the World
Photograph: David Mdzinarishvili/Reuters

Georgian Woman Activist Among Guardian’s #IWD16 Around the World

UK based Guardian published a gallery showing a roundup of events and protest and celebrations of #IWD16 from around the world, picture of Georgian women who protested women rights at feminism rally in Tbilisi is also displayed.

Labour rights and women’s political participation were the central issues during the International Women’s Day rally in Tbilisi.

This year’s rally made explicit references to the issue of labour rights in the country in the context of recent miners’ strikes in Tkibuli, which were supported by a variety of feminist and LGBT groups.

Notwithstanding the fact that feminist March 8 rally of 2016 also raised the issue of labour rights in Georgia, we believe that the recent miners’ strikes makes it impossible to avert our attention from such a painful and sentitive controversy; especially, when considering that initial 8th of March celebration was acclaimed as”International Working Women’s Day” and thus, the day is mostly and largly a celebration of labour rights.

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