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Georgian Weaponry Gains Popularity in Military Industry

What kind of a company is Delta and what kind of contract agreements has the company concluded?                                                                                                

The military scientific-technical center of Delta has already entered 28 countries worldwide, including the USA, Great Britain, Ukraine, Peru, Poland, India and Kazakhstan. 

Armored vehicles, rocket propelled grenades and mortar launchers are part of the weaponry that the Georgian scientific-technical center of Delta has created and that are sold to the foreign armed forces starting 2015.

Armored transporters are exported to Egypt, while other details of the contracts are not divulged. Moreover, Delta is conducting negotiations with Moldova on sales of antihail rocket systems.

On January 27 the information was spread that Delta has won a Saudi Arabia tender for supply of medical-evacuation vehicles. The Georgian company has beat even the US analogues and companies.

Under the 100 million GEL contract, Georgia will supply 100 medical-evacuation machines through 2016, of which 12 ones will be sent this month.

Before the agreement conclusion, the medical-evacuation vehicle was tested in Saudi Arabia, in various locations, including highlands and deserts in terms of maneuver and speed. The machine covered 40 kilometers with its highest speed.

The medical-evacuation vehicle was designed and assembled by Delta. The machine can transport 4 wounded persons at 120 km/h speed.

Equipped with 356 horsepower diesel engine with double armor it withstands 7.3 mm bullets and fragments of artillery shells.

Delta manufactures in-demand products for the domestic market too. The company has sold more than 100 bulletproof jackets to Liberty Bank. No other details are divulged at this stage.

The company installed anti-hail rocket systems in the Kakheti Region in 2015 and now negotiations are underway to supply the same system to Moldova.

Delta company was founded in 2010 under the patronage of the Georgian Defense Ministry. Lazika infantry combat vehicle and multifunctional armored transporter Didgori were one of the first products of the company.

The Georgian people welcomed these products with much admire, but the company failed to export them. Later TbilAviaMsheni company was separated from Delta and Georgia started manufacturing drones.

A multifunctional unmanned helicopter is one of the recent innovations. The machine is able to carry out both air reconnaissance operations and demolish targets. Equipped with two M134 Minigun machine guns and 8 missiles the Georgian unmanned helicopter can fly on 3 kilometer height by maximum speed of 180 km/h. For the first time, the helicopter was demonstrated at the 2015 exhibition.

Currently, Delta is represented in 28 countries, including the USA, Ukraine, Great Britain, Peru, India and Kazakhstan.