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Georgian Student of San Diego University Became a Facebook Employee

Georgian student of San Diego State University Luka Lomtadze will do internship at Facebook’s head office, the most famous social network. Luka was selected out of the top 300 students from 250,000 students and invited him at Silicon Valley in Menlo Park in the summer as a software developer. This is the first case when the student of San Diego State University got employed at Facebook.

Luke is a third year student of computer engineering. In 2017 he traveled to San Diego for an exchange visit. The university offers campus Georgian students annually. Shortly after arriving in California, he decided to take part in the most demanding program of Facebook. In order to succeed, the head office has completed two technical interviews in which they have examined the possibilities of optimal solutions for programming tasks.

“In the fifth grade I wrote my first code and decided to become a programmer. Since then, I worked on a lot of projects, most of which still exist. My long-time dream was to get to Facebook and I knew that sooner or later I would achieve the goal, “says Luka and recalls the Facebook recruiter saying that he will meet Mark Zuckerberg at Menlo Park.

Each year 250 000 applications are sent to Facebook in the software development field, whereby statistically, only 0.132% get internships. This is one of the most hard to get successes in the world.

According to Dean of San Diego State University Georgia, Luka is an excellent example of student success. “The aim of our program is to support Georgia’s economic growth. In order to achieve this goal, we help students to realize their dreams in science and technology. Luka is one of many students who will succeed by this opportunity, “said Ken Walsh.

San Diego State University (SDSU) is an American University with hundreds of years of history. It is one of the largest and most demanded higher education institutes in the state of California – 35,000 students and $ 130 million for research activities. San Diego State University, with financial support of the US MCC, has been offering high quality, international accreditation (ABET, ACS, WASC) Bachelor Programs in Engineering and Technology (STEM) in Georgia since 2015. These programs will promote the development of STEMs in Georgia and prepare highly skilled workforce in the country.