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Georgian Sommelier Association to Certify First Official Sommeliers in Georgia

Today Holiday Inn hotel is hosting Georgia’s first sommeliers’ certifying tests.

The Tbilisi Wine School students will take theoretical and practical exams for 2 days. Successful students will officially obtain the status of a sommelier or the status of an sommelier assistant.

These titles have been recognized by the Georgian Sommeliers Association that officially joined the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale (A.S.I.) in 2014.

„The main objective of the training course is to develop and popularize the profession of sommeliers. We want to upgrade the service quality in the HoReCa sector (hotels, restaurants, cafes) and to make the sector attractive in terms of tourism development.”

The course is for those who want to become sommeliers, who work in this sector and plan to launch winemaking business, or just like wines. Moreover, the persent group also involves lawyers, journalists and students and this fact proves this profession is interesting for not only winemaking sector representatives”, Shalva Khetsuriani, president of the Georgian Sommelier Association and the Tbilisi Wine School founder noted.

The course participants were selected by competition and they have studies the profession of sommelier for 3 months at the Tbilisi Wine School. The training course included many themes – vineyard and wine economy, enology, wine tasting and sommelier art, Georgian and world wines and so on.

The wine school attendees will take two-day practical and theoretical exams in the following issues: wine serving, decanting, wine appraisal, identification of wine diseases and aromas, program questions and essays. After these exams the Georgian HoReCa sector will acquire many high-qualified certified sommeliers.