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Georgian Photographers’ Work Included in EaP Magazine

Six Georgian photographers are being featured in a new online magazine that encourages and raises the global awareness of young photographers from European Union Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries.

A selection of images by young photographers from six EaP countries Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine have been published in the first edition of the online Eastern Partnership Photography magazine.

The magazine, published on April 27, aimed to raise the awareness of these budding photographers with the global audience. The magazine was published by the SAY CHEESE! Photography project and funded by the EU under the Eastern Partnership Culture Programme.

“The main result of the project is the promotion of person-to-person contact between photographers from the EaP countries,” said the project’s communications and visibility manager Marina Borisova.

The project, which launched in December 2012 with support from the EU, saw photographers from six EaP countries participate in several contests, attend several events and take an course at an online photo school, with winners being chosen from each EaP country in the ‘My Country in the Eastern Partnership’ competition.


In Georgia, the winners were:

* Mzia Lekveishvili

* Tinatin Tsitsvidze

* Sophio Amiranashvili

* Irakli Shavgulidze

* Zurab Tvauri

* Paata Vardanashvili (who received an additional award)


In a media release, the Eastern Partnership Culture Programme said from the magazine, readers can enjoy photos that these photographers accidentally found or deliberately chosen topics/heroes for their pictures.

Readers can learn more about the stories behind the images, get advice on how to present their photos to the public and sell them through exhibitions, where to find inspiration and how to master basic photo skills.