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Patriarch Ilia 2
Photo by Aleko Sharvadze

Georgian Patriarch: Islam has Nothing to Do with Terrorism

Islam has nothing to do with terrorism and blaming human perversion on a religion is wrong, says head of the Georgian Orthodox Church.

The Patriarch of Georgia Ilia II expressed his sorrow over the Paris terror attacks in front of hundreds of people during Sunday service at the country’s central cathedral in Tbilisi.

He said those who drew links between the attacks and Islam were wrong as no religion promotes violence.

“We’re living in an era when good and evil are fighting each other. This had always been this way but this fight has particularly strengthened in the recent decade,” the Patriarch said.

“Evil is very often revealed by human cruelty. It was revealed in the recent days too and we feel the pain of the French people and we pray for the victims’ souls.”

“There are people who draw links between this and a religion – Islam in particular. But religion has nothing to do with this. This is human revealing its evil will.”

The Patriarch wished for peace in the world.

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