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Georgian Museum of Fine Arts Hosts Personal Exhibition of Ana Shalikashvili

Event Start Date: 05 Mar, 2019 - Event End Date: 31 Mar, 2019

The idea of creating a museum of fine arts was first born in the 90s, and today the museum building we all already grew to know appeared in Rustaveli Avenue.

During the past 70 years, quite many remarkable works of art have been and are still being created in Georgia, however none of the museums or storage facilities meet the elementary norms required for painting storage.

For this reason, works of many artists would leave the country or not receive sufficient space and time to present themselves.

This is how the issue of building a fine arts museum appeared on the agenda. Construction was headed by Gia Jorbenadze and Manana Shevardnadze. They handed over up to 3,500 works from a private collection, including those rejected years ago, as they contradicted the Soviet ideology.

3,500 works of up to 80 artists active during the past 70 years are stored in the museum. One part is exhibited in the museum premises, the other is stored in the storage facilities. The main essence of the Georgian fine arts museum is to help the society discover and appreciate modern talented artists.

The exterior façade of the building fully corresponds to the style of Rustaveli Avenue and other buildings located nearby. The interior largely consists of glass and follows ultramodern tendencies.

As to the eagle displayed on both the façade and the internal part of the museum, it is a combination of three eagle statues found in Vani. Small elements have been incorporated from each of the statues. It is remarkable that 23 centuries ago Georgians used to create works of art of such a high level and what, if not art created by Georgians, should become the symbol of the Georgian museum of fine arts.

In the period of March 5-15 this premises will host a personal exhibition of the famous Georgian artist Ana Shalikashvili. The exhibition is dedicated to the 100th birth anniversary of the artist.

The exposition will include paintings and graphical works, as well as series of drawings for animation.

It must be mentioned that as an animator, Ana Shalikashvili created a number of important works, such as “Spring Guests”, “Skilled Master”, “Wedding of Jays”, “Tsuna and Tsrutsuna”, “How Mice Buried the Cat”, “Flea and Ant”, “A Jar of Butter”.

After the personal exhibition, visitors can go to the so-called “Art House” which is located in the museum and includes four spaces: a Georgian restaurant “Kharcho”, a European restaurant “Brasserie Buvet”, a new American lounge bar “Publika”, and a fitness club “Fit Club”.

Besides, there is a Museum Café and a boutique of Georgian designers functioning in the museum building.