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Georgian Font to be Presented at Granshan Festival in Yerevan

Georgian typographers will be presented at GRANSHAN for the first time, fonts and typography week, which is held in Yerevan.

Presentation of the works will be organized by Association “Georgian font” and is implemented with TBC Bank’s project #წერექართულად (Write in Georgian)

Weeks will be presented by Georgian artists of various generations of fonts at different times, including hand-made, printed fonts and fonts samples.

Graphic designer, typographer Nino Jishkariani will present the works on Granshan week.

The conference will also be held in the framework of the week, where studies will be presented on the topic of typography. About 40 researchers will attend the conference from different countries of the world, including Georgia. The designer, typographer Giga Khatiashvili will speak at the conference on the origin of Georgian font, its development and problems, as well as about TBC Bank’s project #წერექართულად.

The goal of Granshan is to promote the popularization of non-artistic font. Not only are the writings that are widely used in the world, but also those who use only a small portion of the population and face the threat of be forgotten.

This year is the anniversary date of Granshan and is celebrated for 10 years since its foundation.