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Georgian Fashion Designers on the Rise

As the Georgian fashion industry grows, so do the number of creative Georgian designers influencing style on local and international levels.

As Tbilisi’s annual fashion shows continue, new designers are continuously discovered and recognized. Tbilisi’s month-long season concluded yesterday with the second Tbilisi fashion week. Georgia’s First Lady attended the event.

Triumphantly, various designers proved their capabilities alongside Demna Gvasalia, a famous Georgian designer.

This is impressive considering the difficulties of designing in a Post-Soviet country with the Tbilisi State Academy of Artssolely being the one fashion school in Tbilisi. Moreover, there is a shortage of factories, meaning designers have to rely on handcrafting their clothes and shoes.

However, these difficulties serve as a foundation for greater creativity and ability to introduce distinctive styles and fashion.

Among the talented Demna Gvasalia are the following Georgian designers:

Mariam Gvasalia

Mariam Gvasalia earned the spotlight during the first weeks of the Tbilisi fashion show. Her works were modeled in a clothing manufacturing factory in the aisles standing between sewing machines. Gvasalia’s outfits involved plaid prints and gold lamé. It is important to note that only a minuscule number of people handcrafted the outfits in her workshop. Currently, Gvasalia plans to expand globally seeing as the high demand for her products is leaving her racks empty.


George Keburia

George Keburia established his brand in 2010. Previously, Keburia focused on presenting controversial prompts, such as machine guns to refer to Georgia’s civil wars. However, this season, Keburia drew inspiration from the cultural style of Japan. His pieces involved embroidered bamboo leaves and cherry blossoms.


Max Machaidze

Max Machaidze has devoted himself to fashion since he was 6 years old when he dropped out of school to design t-shirts and skateboards.  Currently, he is an artist and an interior designer. Moreover, he and Anka Bochorishvili, his girlfriend, have created the brand LTFR which they have been managing for several years. In the recent fashion show, the presentation occurred at an outdoor construction site. The presentation involved various sportswear including hockey sticks and helmets. additionally, the outfits he designs aim to battle for gay rights.

By Maria Bakh
Reporter at CBW.ge
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