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Georgian DJ Opened 24-Hour Club in London

Georgian DJ Lasha Zhorzholiani, also known as Voicerone opened 24-hour club in the East part of London. This will be the first club to host 600 guests and stay open 24/7, as Lasha said at Commersant.

The Londoners are very strict about the opening of new places. We conducted the construction independently and in parallel with this nine-month process, negotiations with the City Hall were ongoing. London security issue is very high and we have great work to protect all standards, “says Lasha Zhorzholiani.

It is known that at the club called FOLD, 24-hour music sessions will be held on Saturdays and in the middle of the week you will be able to listen to music and dance till 3 pm.

Lasha Zhorzholiani believes that FOLD will help London develop night culture even more and Georgian artists will participate in this process: “We have received great feedback and support from England and other European countries, including Georgia. The Georgian artists will definitely play in the club, we already process the idea of Bassiani showcase.”

The first party will be held on August 18 at FOLD. The full list of musical artists has not been published yet, but it is known that on the first evening at the FOLD stage will present artists like REVIVEHER, Make Me, Test Pressing, Dimensions and EarToGround.