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Georgian Cuisine has Great Potential for Vegan Food Direction

Georgian traditional cuisine is one of the richest and diverse cuisines worldwide. For many years Georgia has not only maintained its dishes, but also introduced the on foreign markets. As a result, Georgia was mentioned in the top list the most delicious European cuisines developed by the US edition the Thrillist.

In the rating Georgia ranked fourth after Italy, France and Spain among 48 European countries and  surpassed gastronomic achievements of such countries as Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Switzerland, Portugal, Hungary and Greece. The edition named Khachapuri as a key forward of Georgian national cuisine.

Chef Giorgi Iosava, founder of Bia Salobie:

“In Salobie Bia, we make accent on Georgian vegetarian direction. Over the past period, 90% of clients are tourists from Germany, the USA, Poland and so on. This is a certain trend, a half part of the world has become vegetarian and in this respect Georgian cuisine has much potential. For example, Khachapuri has much potential, as well as the whole Georgian vegetarian cuisine – beans, Pkhalueoba (edible greens) and so on. We have a rich country in this respect. We  have not fully explored all potential of our treasure and we should gradually disclose this treasure from old books.