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Khatia Alpaidze

Georgian Company Clean World Joins UN Global Compact

The United Nations Global Compact is the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, which promotes creation of sustainable and inclusive global economy for people, society and market.

The initiative is based on 10 principles and 4 main directions: human rights, labor rights, environmental protection and anti-corruption. The mentioned 10 principles represent the baseline standards in the field of corporate social responsibility. Hence, it is important that businesses operating in Georgia integrate the mentioned standards in their everyday actions.

“The Clean World has joined this unprecedented network to acquire new contacts in almost all industries and sectors, among business companies in 161 countries worldwide.

The events organized by Global Compact will enable us to exchange information regarding our corporate social responsibility activities with other members of the network.

We assume the responsibility to integrate the ten principles determined by the Compact into the operating strategy and everyday operations. Corporate social responsibility is a mainstream of our company.

In the country that suffers from unemployment our company employs 1500 persons. The management tries to choose persons who genuinely need a job, The company pays particular attention to employing internally displaced persons (IDPs)…

We also employ students from vocational schools who initially have to pass a probation period. We first teach, train and consequently employ them.

We believe that, it is very important for a company to care about the environment. We cooperate with environmental organizations and in the future we plan to implement a number of important projects jointly with them.

Therefore, it was of crucial importance for us to join the UN Global Compact. The Clean World is also a member of the CSR Club, which is a joint project of Civil Development Agency (CiDA) and GEPRA. I think the establishment of the Club was very interesting for all member companies, because this is a certain rostrum which enables companies to introduce and exchange information about corporate social responsibility directions in their organizations. We stay open to such cooperation”, Khatia Alpaidze, head of the Company’s PR and Marketing Department, noted.