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Georgian Blogger Captures Amazing Photos of the Country

Georgian blogger and social media manager Zura Balanchivadze, known as Zuriuss captures best of Georgia with its amazing aspects and peculiarities.

Zuriuss is a well-known blogger who amazed the whole of Georgia with his unique talent for whistling famous operas and arias.

We have gathered his truly amazing photographs below to show how incredibly charming Georgia is.

Tbilisi is getting ready to meet Old (Orthodox) New Year
Jewish cemetery in Kutaisi
Cathedral of St Peter and Paul, Kutaisi
When the angel sang the last carol
Tbilisi Sports Palace
When the river is gone, the white stones appear like killed fish on the water’s surface-Kutaisi
Batumi Piazza in its brilliance
Batumi in a winter sleep
Nurigeli Lake
Batumi Sea Port
A tiny reminder of London in Batumi
Winter’s tale. Every time I am in Batumi, I always visit this amazing place
Angels of Batumi — at Era Square
1st January’s sweeties — at Tea House “foe-Foe”.

A view from White Bridge to the white stones, remarkable sight of Kutaisi
New Year tree at Kutaisi centre, in front of Meskhishvili Theatre of Drama

Young Georgian Lolitas musical band getting ready for the live performance in Tbilisi underground station
Social steps in underground
Mtskheta Svetitskhoveli cathedral
Vake Park
Poverty. This is a fact and a problem and I will never stop reminding the government about this issue
Former King’s Substitute’s palace in Tbilisi which now is Students and Yoth Palace

Grace for sale

Lisi Lake

Bells of the War: Nikozi

Tbilisi Flood



Georgia in one picture