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Georgian Authors to Take Part in Leipzig Book Fair 2016

Georgian Authors to Take Part in Leipzig Book Fair 2016

Georgia will be presented at the Leipzig Book Fair 2016 with the new literary program organized and supported by Georgian national Book Center.

The program includes various presentations of ten contemporary Georgian authors and four new German Translations supported by GNBC. Georgia participates at the Leipzig Book Fair with its national stand for the fifth time.  The program, which will be held during 17-20 March is busy with different contents and formats of literary events and is purposed to promote Georgian literature abroad.

German editions of two Georgian novels and two poetry collections supported by GNBC will be presented within the four days at the Leipzig Book Fair and at the well-known literary center “Cafe Telegraph”.  Lasha Bugadze, Guram Odisharia, Abo Iashagashvili, Ela Gochiashvili, Bela Chekurishvili, Shalva Bakuradze, Shota Iatasvili, Irma Shiolashvili, Nika Jorjaneli, along with German publishers and translators will introduce their literary works to German readers.

A reading-discussion of Lasha Bugadze’s novel “The Literature Express” (published by Frankfurter Verlagsanstalt) will be held at Leipzig. The Book is the first German Publication of 2016 supported by GNBC. The Author will present his novel with translator Nino Kharatishvili – a well-known contemporary writer.

Within the framework of the new project of Leipzig Book Fair “The first international Book Pitch” will be held pitching of Abo Iashagashvili`s novel “Royal-Mary”. The aim of the project is to present to German publishers and literary agents new voices of interesting authors from the world.

There are also planned readings, discussions and presentations of “The Pass of the Persecuted” by Guram Odisharia (published by Reichert Verlag); Poetry Collection “Aus der Ferne” works of 6 contemporary Georgian writers – Maia Sarishvili, Zviad Ratiani, Shota Iatashvili, Ela Gochiashvili, Shalva Bakurazde and Bela Chekurishvili (published by Corvinus Presse) and also the collection of Georgian poetry named Anthology of Georgian Lyrics (published by Pop Verlag). The book includes poetry of more than 80 Georgian authors from different epoch.

Beside the program organized by GNBC several literature events are planned by German publishing houses. The aforesaid events led by Frankfurter Verlagsanstalt and Corvinus Press will be held on “Red Sofa”, also in Arts centre naTo e.V., Forum The Independents, Margareten kantine & salon.