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Georgian Art Exhibition Opens at Katara

Georgian art is revealed through more than 60 paintings and sculptures by seven famous contemporary Georgian artists on display at the Expressing Space Exhibition which opened on Monday at the Cultural Village Foundation-Katara.

The exhibition by Vanda Art Gallery, the oldest and first private art gallery in Georgia, follows the success of the “Record II” exhibition by Qatari artist Ali Dasmal Al Kuwari in Tbilisi last year and marks the final event of Georgian Ambassador Ekaterine Meiering-Mikadze in Qatar before her tour of duty ends.

“Following Qatari artist Ali Dasmal Al Kuwari’s magnificent exhibition in Georgia, which was the first art exhibition by a Qatari artist in Georgia, Vanda Art Gallery is honoured to bring seven accomplished Georgian artists in Doha in a first-of-its-kind exhibition in Qatar,” said Meiering-Mikadze, who concludes her five-year term as the first Georgian ambassador since Georgia opened its embassy in Qatar.

A wide variety of artworks in different styles are showcased at Gallery 2 of Katara Building 18 providing art lovers an idea of Georgia and Georgian art in a nutshell.

“It is through art, more than anything else, that Georgia can speak. Art travels and great art travels even far. Expressing Space is an invitation to embark on this voyage towards the known and the unknown,” said the envoy.

From realism to surrealism to abstract, the artworks beckon the viewers to look beyond the horizon on which art manifests itself.

The exhibition is open to the public until October 2.